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    Creative Solutions

    If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

    Drawings, Illustrations, Graphic Design and everything in between!

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    Web Development

    The ART in IT!

    Give your audience something they want to look at, not something you want them to look at! Trust us, they’ll find their way and you’ll find that your business goals have been be fulfilled.

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    Mobile Apps

    Anything you say and do, can and will be
    held against your smartphone!

    We live in a world where if you’re not present on mobile devices, you are considered to be extinct by the young generation. Give them what you want, their way!

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    Online PR & Marketing

    Monitoring the World Wide Web,
    Analyzing competition,
    Online Auditing, Social Media Growth and Management,
    Reputation Protection, Search Engine Optimization

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Meet the Team

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    Martin Duma Landscape Artist & Graphic Designer

    “Nature is the best landscape artist and graphic designer anyone could wish for”

  • 1390687_571859179559184_2044023160_n
    Christina Borbely Event Planner Extraordinaire

    “It’s a very difficult path we have chosen, but we are very determined to stick to it because we know that it is just a matter of time before art will flourish once again in Romania, Eastern Europe and in the rest of the world.”

  • 10426848_670244899717209_5823830944051316887_n
    Jean Ciuntu Art Director

    “Life is just one perfect form of 3D graphic design“

  • 1385980_219052518256175_321243978_n
    Andrei Chiricescu Head of Web & App Development

    “Websites and mobile apps are just books that save trees. How could we not love them?”

  • 420991_368896163131344_886545998_n
    Madalina Constantin Creative Copywriter

    “You come to realize at a very fragile age that you have a passion for writing. It usually starts when you write your first love note in the 1st grade and you notice that all you get back is a note with a smiley face on it”

  • 1859795
    Vlad Teodorescu Birla General Manager

    “I believe that without art and culture, you can have a population, but you cannot have a society that will understand the needs for living in a civilized country and a better world”


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